Kabarole CAO Advises Busia Council Against Corruption


Kabarole District Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) has advised the Busia district council and technocrats against corruption but prioritize service delivery.

Mr.Balaba Dunstan the CAO Kabarole says the technocrats and district councilors need to fight corruption by prioritizing service delivery through collaboration and team work between the two players.

Balaba was on Friday speaking to 40 Busia district heads of department and councilors at Kitumba district headquarters in Fort Portal  during their visit in the district to find out how Kabarole operate  and manages to improve in service delivery.

Vice chairman Kabarole Mr.Ikagobya Moses hands over a magazine on Accountability to Busia district chairperson Mr.Ogutu Paul

Vice chairman Kabarole Mr.Ikagobya Moses hands over a magazine on Accountability to Busia district chairperson Mr.Ogutu Paul

The CAO observed that the technocrats and councilors have to fight all forms of corruption including embezzlement of public funds, absenteeism of staff and late reporting because resources are limited and therefore should be utilized optimumally for the benefit of the people.

Mr.Balaba said, “Most councilors and technical staff are greedy and have robbed the people of their services through embezzlement of funds meant to provide services. I advise you to avoid blame game between councilors and technocrats, uncalled for politics and shoddy works because service delivery and development of the district.

“Leadership is not about position but actions taken to have the people of Busia district move from the peasantry to middle income status. Prioritize the improvement of household income using the Operation Wealth Creation and the technical staff should not neglect the program to the UPDF soldiers but guide them,” He said.

Balaba said, “There is poor disposal of garbage and polythene papers in Busia town that makes itvery dirty putting the lives of the people at risk of getting cholera but as leaders ensure the town is clean, latrine coverage is increased and all homesteads are clean.

Mr.Ikagobya Moses the vice chairperson Kabarole told Busia district team that what has made Kabarole perform well in areas of production, health, education and other sectors is the miracle of team work between politicians and technocrats because they are all partners in service delivery.

He said, “Kabarole is a land of plenty and food basket for the entire country and the neighboring states like Kenya, Southern Sudan and DRC and on average 45 Lorries of Matoke are exported daily”.

Mr.Malinga Alfred the Deputy CAO Busia district said their visit was aimed at finding how Kabarole operates in providing services to the public because they also want to move in a focused manner to ensure that by 2020 they have realized the dream of prosperity.

Malinga said, “Busia district has a lot of untapped resources but we believe with the guidance and capacity building by Kabarole leaders, we shall be able to realize our vision of fighting poverty and improving the livelihoods of the people”.

In just three months Kabarole has hosted three districts that include Mukono, Pader and Busia coming to learn what the district has adapted to improve on service delivery and food production.

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