FAL Trims Domestic Violence-Kabarole Women Reveal


the-district-chairperson-addressing-the-parents-at-the-staff-quarters-constructed-by-the-presidentWomen in Kabarole district have revealed that Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) programs have contributed to the reduction of cases of Domestic Violence.

This as Kabarole District celebrated the International FAL Day at Kabende primary school, Kabende sub county, Burahya county on Thursday. It was held under the theme: “Achieving Peace in the minds of men and women” and over 150 women graduated and received certificates.

FAL which is run under the Ministry of Gender is a literacy program that focuses on linking literacy to people’s livelihoods and needs. The programme incorporates skill-specific training, in addition to literacy and numeracy, and attempts to link the two to show learners how literacy is important and can be used for personal development in their everyday lives.

Parents, children and the local leaders dancing Entogoro a local dance

Parents, children and the local leaders dancing Entogoro a local dance

Parents seated at the classroom block constructed by President Museveni

Parents seated at the classroom block constructed by President Museveni









The target group for the programme is anyone over the age of fifteen, who had missed the opportunity of formal education during childhood. A large range of people are targeted, including men and women, older people and youths, and specific groups of marginalized people such as prison inmates, those who are disabled and ethnic minorities.

Jessica Twinamashiko of Kabende Women Empowerment Projects consisting of 13 FAL classes as she read a speech in English, says FAL classes have helped women get educated on issues of income generating activities, personal hygiene and homestead sanitation improvement which have helped reduce cases of Domestic Violence.

She narrates that before FAL classes were introduced in the sub county, cases of domestic violence were rampant due to poor income in homes, poor sanitation and response to challenges but now is happy to note that they are empowered economically.

Rose Katusabe another FAL grandaunt discloses that they have been sensitized to test for HIV/AIDS together with their husbands, fighting unemployment through engaging in income generating projects, caring for their children and sending them to school hence decreasing domestic violence in families.

She recounts that before they entered FAL classes, cases of child neglect, irresponsibility in families and fear to test for HIV was the order of the day and this caused fighting among couples.

 Joyce Kabasambu secretary for Hakibaale sub county FAL Classes says in addition to studying Angels Havens a Korean NGO supported them in projects like zero grazing, piggery, goats, livestock farming, library at Kanyamperre primary. This, she said they were empowered economically hence reducing on cases of Domestic Violence that were caused by poverty.

Presiding as chief guest the District Chairperson Kabarole Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard expressed his disappointment over the low number of men embracing the FAL classes and yet the program has made several interventions in terms of fighting poverty  through engaging in income generating projects, reduction in domestic violence, child neglect and improved home sanitation and hygiene.

 He said out of 400 FAL students in Kabarole district, 340 are women and only 70 are men.

Mr.Rwabuhinga challenged men in the district especially in Kabende, Hakibaale ,Karambi,Busoro,Harugongo among other sub counties to embrace the program so as to reduce the high illiteracy rates,HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence.

He asked the government to start paying the FAL instructors that have been serving voluntarily for the program to have meaning.

RDC Stephen Asiimwe asked the people to prioritize education of their children and men joining the FAL classes for the area to realize development.

The District Community Development Officer David Mugisha commended Angels Haven for empowering women in FAL classes, income generating programs among other projects.

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