IGG Wants Local Gov’ts To Start Leaders Conferences To Curb Corruption


The Deputy Inspectorate General of Government (IGG) Mariam Fauzat Wagadya has observed the need for all the District Local Governments to start leaders conferences as a way of showing accountability and transparence.

She said once the leaders and other stakeholders are brought together to share challenges and issues affecting the local governments during the leaders’ conference, this will curtail acts of suspicion and corruption.

Madam Fauzat Wagadya made the observation during a meeting with the Kabarole district chairperson Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard and the Chief Administrative Officer CAO Mr.Balaba Dunstan at Kitumba district headquarters during her tour in the region.

Her observation followed a report by the district chairperson indicating that they are committed to issues of Accountability and transparence by involving every stakeholders something he said enabled reduce shoddy work.

He explained that they carry out Annual Leaders Conference every last week of May and the production of magazines that focus on service delivery and accountability.

Rwabuhina told the IGG that as a way of showing accountability the district organizes the leaders conference where they are given accountability, share the challenges and work plan for the next financial year.

According to the chairman, the district also produces magazines showing the completed projects, those to be implemented and how much each project costs.

He revealed that the leaders forum attracts LC1 chairpersons, LCIIs,LCIIIs, the clergy, Civil Society organizations, and the public who are ferried from their areas by the hired buses.

This however went well with the IGG who appreciated the district’s initiative and said she has never heard it anywhere apart from Kabarole district.

Madam Wagadya observed that if this is taken by other districts, it will curtail corruption in Local governments.

She tasked the district chairperson to sell it to the chairpersons of districts during their meetings in the Uganda Local Governments Association (ULGA) so that they start the leaders’ forum and magazine production.

The IGG also asked the CAO Mr.Balaba to start spreading the message of leaders conference to Bulambuli and Katakwi districts when the meet as CAOs.

According to Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), an independent public policy research and advocacy think tank based in Uganda, Kabarole district has been scoping the first and second positions in terms of accountability, service delivery and project monitoring.

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