Kabarole Bans Consumption Of Sachet Alcohol


Kabarole District has passed a resolution banning the sell and consumption of Sachet alcohol following the severe effects it causes on the consumers ranging from social, mental to economic problems.

The motion was on Tuesday tabled on the floor of council by Hon. Asiimwe Edward the Councilor Hakibaale Sub County and was seconded by Hon.Tatina Richard the council representing Kijura town council.

Asiimwe said according to the World Health organization(WHO), Sacket alcohol reduces sexual performance of men and reduces the size of their manhood.

Asiimwe said, “ Sachet alcohol has brought diverse health effects ranging from mental to liver complications, insanity, blindness, death, domestic violence among others. Most sachet alcohol contains ethanol and methane as major ingredients which are dangerous to human”.

“This cheap alcohol has devastated the productivity of the people. The victims spend most of their hours drinking and use the small monies they would have used to supplement for the basic household requirements and saving” Asiimwe said.

Richard Tatina councilor representing Kijura town council and the seconder of the motion said, “Sachet waragi is harmful and hazardous to the health of our people. The insanity levels have increased at Fort Portal referral hospital mental clinic especially among the youth”

Denis Nkwasibwe of Rwimi town council supported the motion and said as leaders they must look at the, moral values of the people if they are to have good future leaders. Nkwasibwe who hails from Kigezi testified to council how six people in Kabale lost their sight after consumption of sacket alcohol.

Jorum Bintamanya council representing South division in strongest terms supported the banning of sacket alcohol but opposed the opening of bars at 4:00pm. He said our economy is grappling, our people are poor and if they close the bars they will remain poor.

Timothy Ruhweza the youth councilor attributed the poor performance of the district in secondary (U.C.E) to consumption of sachet alcohol by the students. “As leaders, we’ve been complaining that the district is performing badly in U.C.E results but this is due to consumption of sachet alcohol by the students. We have seen students carrying sachets of alcohol in pockets and go to school something we condemn in strongest terms” He said.

The speaker Hon.Stella Kyorampe subjected the motion to voting and it saw majority supporting it, two councilors declined and three opposed it.

The Chief Administrative Officer CAO Dunstan Balaba said now that council has passed this resolution, it will a district ordinance after consulting the Attorney General but added the implementation starts immediately.

Richard Rwabuhinga the District Chairperson and RDC Asiimwe Stephen said the motion has come at a right time and vowed to support the implementation once it becomes an ordinance.

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