The Finance Department is headed by CPA Nkojo Robert Amooti as Chief Finance Officer. He works with a team of six officers.


CPA Basaba Samuel Wingfield

Senior Accountant


Kalinzi Brian

Senior Finance Officer



Mrs Abigaba Regina

Ag. Accountant


Mrs Annet Nyakahuma Nakakande

Senior Accounts Assistant- salaries

Madam Nakazibwe Lydia

District Cashier


CPA Nkojo says the Finance department provides the support role of mobilizing revenue resources, budgeting and accounting for all the financial resources of the District. It is headed by the Chief Finance Officer CPA Nkojo Robert and two Senior Officers, one in charge of expenditure and another in charge of revenue and budget.

On Revenue Resources, CPA Nkojo says, “The district derives its finances from locally raised revenue, Central Government releases and Donor funding”.

He said the Donor includes UNICEF and Baylor but he reveals that Baylor College is pulling out. “Among the special grants that the District receives include, Luwero Rwenzori Development Grant, Local Government Management Services Delivery Programmes, School Facilities Grant, the Road Fund and the Youth Livelihood Programme funds,” Nkojo said.

The CPA said, “These grants have contributed greatly to infrastructural developments such as construction of schools, roads, water and sanitation and to individual groups through youth loans”.

CPA Nkojo recalls how the Management of the finances has become easier after the District introduced the Integrated Financial Management Systems. He said, “This Financial Management System has eased the process of accountability and reporting. Most debts have been paid over the period and the remaining debts havearaised out of normal commitments”.

“Our revenue is dwindling. The number of District Councilors as per the recently concluded elections 2016 has risen from 30 to 50. This is coupled with the reduction in revenue due to our District as a result of the creation of extra two Town Councils of Mugusu and Kyamukube that are taking into effect 1st July 2016,” He added.

CPA Nkojo however said, “In the next financial year 2016/2017, the District has significant outstanding commitments that have to be settled out. These outstanding commitments are, extra works on Headquarters building by Alpha Gama Company worth shs94m,.payment of balance on architectural designs of Buhinga Stadium to Plantek Company worth shs 40m, Compensation of the bereaved grader victim worth Ug. Shs. 17m and completion of Kabonero, Karangura and Kiyombya Sub-counties Ugx.87m”.

The CPA said that these constraining issues have greatly impacted on the departmental allocations of local revenue and unconditional grant. He notes that as such a lot of budget discipline and perseverance shall be expected of implementers and legislators in the next financial year.

CPA Nkojo revealed that over the period of five (5) years Kabarole District has received a total of Shs. 135b from all sources as indicated below:


  • Central Government                  129,198,206,728                  95%
  • Development partners                   4,132,711,925                    1%
  • Local Revenue                               1,846,174,296                    4%
  • Total                                            135,177,092,949                100%

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