Dr.Ruhinda Nathan is the District Health Officer (DHO) Kabarole.

He says the health department has made a lot of achievements in the five financial years 2010/2016 but he attributes these achievements to his hard working and committed team.

Dr.Nathan discloses he works with Sr.Manimake Elizabeth who is the Assistant DHO in charge of Environmental Health, Dr. Tumwebaze Matthias the Surveillance Focal person,Mr.Baguma Joseph the District Health Inspector, Madam Catherine Kemigabo the District Health Educator, Pious Agaba the district laboratory focal person, Victor Musinguzi the TB and Leprosy focal person,Agaba Eugene ART focal person in charge of ordering drugs for the health department and Christopher Byaruanga the Bistastician.

Dr.Ruhinda boasts of the infrastructural achievements in the health sector in the last five years as he indicates.

“In these five years, six health centre IIs were constructed. They are Nyamiseke health centre II, Kiboota health centre II, Nyakitokoli health centre II, Kirere health centre II, Bwanika health centre II and Kasesenge health centre II,”He added.

Dr.Ruhinda said, “Two health centres IIs of Kidubuli and Nyabuswa were upgraded to Health Centre IIIs through the construction of of maternal wards to enable our mothers in rural areas access maternal health services”.

Above is Kirere health centre II, in Busoro sub- County and

He said two health centres of Kibiito and Bukuuku health Centre IVs were refurbished by Baylor Uganda, UNICEF and Kabarole local government. The maternity complex wards with Neonatal intensive care units (NICU).This according to Dr.Nathan Ruhinda, was aimed at decongesting Fort Portal Referral hospital that receives an overwhelming number of patients from the districts of Kasese,Ntoroko,Bundibugyo,Kyenjojo,Kamwenge,Kyegegwa,Kibaale and Democratic Republic of Congo.




A new maternity ward constructed at Bukuuku HCIV with support from Baylor- Uganda

The DHO further reveals that staff quarters were constructed at Kasenda and Kabende Health Centres solving the problem of the health workers who were trekking long distances from town to these facilities.

“We also renovated theatres at Bukuuku health Centre IV and Kibiito Health Centre IV.They were constructed during Saving Mothers Giving Life project with Baylor-Uganda. At every facility we have three doctors to attend to emergencies, expecting mothers and other general illnesses,” Said Dr.Ruhinda.

“Under supplies and equipment, the department received 66 maternal beds with mattresses,17 motorcycles, six from institution capacity building and 11 motorcycles from GAVI-through the Ministry of health and a Brand new Toyota Helix double cabin stationed at DHOs office”.


The District Chairman Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard receives Brand new Toyota Helix double cabin for immunization activities from ministry of Health through GAVI fund


He said, “We have continued to receive medicines and supplies every two months (Bi monthly) and mosquito nets for pregnant mothers. We also received seven microscopes, two (2) from detect TB project and Five (5) from Baylor Uganda ,three (3) auto claves from Baylor Uganda during Saving Mother Giving Life project (SMGL) and a fridge for blood bank at Bukuuku HCIV”.

11 Yamaha Motorcycles Donated by GAVI to support immunisation activities in hard to reach health facilities in the district.


On human resource, Dr.Ruhinda reveals that the staff levels in the district have improved

from 50% in 2010 to 80% todate and more recruitment for mid wives and enrolled nurses are ongoing.

“We’ve recruited critical staff that includes nine (9) medical officers, two senior medical officers on government pay roll, five medical officers on government pay rolland two medical officers supported by Baylor Uganda but working with the district local government. A number of midwives have also been recruited and working in health facilities”.

The DHO said, “On staff development, health workers have been upgraded.-Five clinical officers are upgrading to become medical officers and three doctors are on study leave pursuing masters”.



District health educator Madam Catherine Kemigabo sensitizing the family health group members.

Health education activities in the district

“In health education department, we carry out a variety of activities aimed at fostering behaviors that promote wellness in the community,” Catherine Kemigabo the DHE reveals.

She said, “We’ve assessed the health needs of the people and their communities and report findings to other healthcare providers, develop programs and events to teach people about health topics, teach people how to cope with or manage existing health conditions and evaluate the effectiveness of programs and educational materials development and dissemination”.

“We have helped people to find health services and attain genuine health information, provide training programs for other health professionals or community health workers, supervise staff that implement health education programs and collect and analyze data to learn about our audience and improve programs and services delivery”.

Kemigabo added that her sector advocates for improved health resources and policies that promote health for all, provide outreach and discuss health care concerns with community members and educate people about the importance and availability of healthcare services.

In five years of service the Health department has made several achievements which Dr.Ruhinda attributes to staff team work, relationship of our partners and Ministry of Health.

DHO said, “ Our department has trained 900VHTs in  Saving Mothers Giving Life (SMGL) project funded by Baylor Uganda, reduced Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)-from-10 and this we attribute it to continuous health education using deferent medias as radio stations, church meetings, outreach settings in communities, schools and other meetings”.


“We’ve reduced the rate of malaria infections through promotion of sleeping under an insect side treated mosquito nets in the community, trained 120 VHTs in TB detection which has led to timely diagnosis and follows up TB clients, trained 1500 VHTs in Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM) with active goals of reducing Malaria infection, Diarrhea and pneumonia among under five children”.


Dr.Ruhinda said Head teachers trained 80 students and120 leaders in basic HIV facts and mainly prevention and access to Post Exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and care services, developed HIV strategic plan, distributed Information Education Communication  IEC materials to Health facilities and community and distributed some in key and strategic places Child health.


“Routine immunisation and Sub-NIDS(National Immunization Days  and national immunization campaigns have been conducted with objectives to prevent diseases and eradicate polio in the district, campaigns have been carried out with objectives to eradicate polio in the district, 20 Community shows conducted in conjunction with Obulamu (Communication for Health Communities) and Baylor-Uganda”.


The District Chairman Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard Launching Injectable Polio Vaccine on Labour Day held in Kiko Tea Estate


Dr.Ruhinda said 20 Community radio talk shows were conducted in partnership with MarieStopes International Uganda, 10 School health talk shows were carried out by health educators in primary, secondary and high institutions of learning and several drama shows in outreaches by Youth Encouragement Services (YES) and BAHEMUKA DRAMA of PLATFORM for the NEEDY (PLANE) with the aim of creating awareness among community members.


Number of Health Units in the District

  • 4 Hospitals (1 Public-Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital, 3 NGO Hospitals ie. Kabarole Hospital (Church of Uganda), Virika Hospital (catholic ) KIDA Hospital in Ruteete (Community)
  • S/No Item    Response
  • Health Centre IVs      3 (All Government public)
  • Health Centre IIIs      30 (22 Government ,7 NGO and 1 Private for profit-PFP)
  • Health Centre IIs       28 (16 Government , 6 NGO and 6 PFP)
  • Immunization coverage        5%
  • HIV Prevalence          3%
  • Latrine coverage       81%
  • Percentage of supervised deliveries           69%
  • Staffing in Health Sector  86%
  • Other Health Issues
  • Inconsistent amounts of Primary Health Care Non-wage funds transferred to the Health Centres quarterly and omission of some Health Centres eg. Kibiito HC.IV, Kijura HC III and Mijunju HC III, Nsorro H/C.II. Each quarter a number of facilities miss the PHC funds
  • Lack of critical human resource like anesthetists in health Centre IVs. Emphasis be put to increase training of such critical cadres
  • Delayed elevation of recommended HC IIs namely: Nyantaboma, Kidubuli and Nyabuswa, HC III status.
  • Lack of maternity services in the hard to reach areas of Nyantaboma, Kibaate and Kakinga HC IIIs
  • Inadequate accommodation for health workers in all Health Units
  • Extension of Power to Bukuuku HC IV