June 23, 2017

Administration & HR

In order for us to make achievements, we have to use the following principles that have to guide us in our work;

  1. Cooperation, coordination and collaboration with our political leaders.
  2. Putting the public first as our priority in service delivery.
  3. Consultations with all stakeholders and mobilization of wanainchi.
  4. Efficient and effective utilization of the available resources.
  5. Team work and having mutual respect for one another.
  6. Financial transparency and prompt payment of salaries for staff and many others whenever possible.
  7. Regular assessments and reviews on service delivery.

It is my sincere hope that we continue to operate within the same principles and ensure that our people continue to get quality services. We have also been able to implement all government reforms meant to improve service delivery in all sectors.

I want to thank all our political leaders from the chairperson, the members of District Executive Committee, the District Councilors and the lower local Government leaders for their clear political direction that has provided an enabling work environment that has made us able to deliver as expected.

I also thank all the civil servants who have been at the frontline of service delivery and I appeal to all to continue delivering unreservedly, diligently and with a lot of commitment.

Finally, I wish to thank all the partners we work with who have been at our disposal, giving us guidance, resources and supplementing what we do. Please continue with the same spirit.


The administration department is a support department and its activities are cross cutting. It  majorly offers management services and supervise the implementation of the district activities both at local and district level

The department carries out quarterly monitoring of all government projects across the entire district and it gives suitable recommendations on the progress of these projects.


Human Resource Section is headed by a Principal Human Resource Officer. It has nine staff including the central registry. The section focuses on the issues of Pension and Salary Management, Staffing and Recruitment, staff attraction, retention and development, staff motivation, staff discipline, Rewards and Sanctions..


Audit is able to perform now, because an act of Parliament, enabled the appointment of the Internal auditor general. This milestone, has gone a long way, in increasing audit recognition, service delivery and even improve efficiency.

Traditionally, our internal audit function focuses on providing core assurance around many process risks and controls in the district. Due to increasing demands from stakeholders, the volatile atmosphere and complexities of doing work, audit have engaged a top gear in order to deliver deeper insights and provide value for money assurances.

Particularly, they have been instrumental in ensuring that sector workplans are executed as per policy and guidelines.

However, audit output largely depends on the culture prevailing within the organisation. Increasingly, council, committees and boards, together with senior management team, Should continue to play their roles in order to foster a stronger internal control culture.

Together, with a formidable tone at the top, let us never get tired to periodically assess whether the prevailing risk and control culture is aligning well with the government’s values, ethics, risk strategy, audit appetite, tolerance, and approach.