Works Department

Works department is the department that does District Engineering works in roads and engineering construction, buildings construction and mechanical works. It is headed by Eng.Wakatama Stephen

Departmental goal: To have a well-developed and maintained infrastructure in the district.

Objectives: To improve the condition of the district road network from the current 50% in fair condition to 90%   


  •    Maintain the road equipment in sound condition to enable the district maintain its road network.
  •   To implement government policy of using force account for mechanized routine road maintenance works and direct labour for based routine maintenance works.
  • Lobby central government to take over highly trafficked district roads to the national roads network and in turn, upgrade deserving community roads to district roads status.


  •   Labour based routine maintenance of district roads using direct labour  - 221kms
  • Mechanized routine maintenance using district road equipment
  • Carryout periodic maintenance of district roads
  •   Construction and repair of key bridges
  • Continue lobbying for rehabilitation funds for district roads in poor condition