June 12, 2017


The DHO Kabarole Dr. Richard Mugahi

The health Department of Kabarole has a total of 72 registered health facilities of which 4 Hospitals, 2Health centre 4s, Health centre IIIs are 32 and Health Centre II are 35

The department is managed by the district health team that is Headed by the DHO Dr. Mugahi Richard.

Current Health Projects in the district.

Project/ Implementing partners Area of Operation
CHC( communication for Health communities (OBULAMU) of community awareness Designing Education Dissemination of health Material across the district. spear heading radio programmes to increase community social mobilization and awareness
PACE( programme for accessible Communication  education ) Social support in HIV/ AIDS, promote safe mother wood through scaling up family planning methods in government facilities and PNFPs

Support positive living among people living with HIV/AIDS.

Mosquito net distribution

Prevention of malaria among people living with HIV/AIDS.

Cervical Cancer screening


BAYLOR UGANDA Capacity Building and mentorships of health facility staff

Prevention care and treatment

SMGL( saving mothers giving life

METS Monitoring and Evaluation  and capacity building
BTC System Strengthening for Health through Result based Financing to PNFP and Public facilities (RBF)
ACODEV Family Planning and Advocacy
MAPD(Malaria Action  Programm for Districts) Malaria treatment  and support
SURE Drug Store management in facility
Mariestopes Uganda Reproductive Health

Cervical Cancer screening and family planning.


AEE( African Evangelistic Enterprises Support Community linkage facilities in 15 HCIIs which are hard to reach to increase referral for TB and HIV services.

Build capacity of 4 CBO staff These include YAWE, HUMURA OVC, HAKIBAALE kwemanyirra, KANA FOUNDATION and KAPHAN

MALARIA CORSORTIUM Supporting malaria prevention and treatment among children 2mths -5yrs through ICCM( integrated Community case management

  • 2  VHTs per Village were trained to treat children 2mths -5yrs  children with coartium after testing with RDT to confirm if achild has malaria.
  • They treat simple cough with amoxy tabs and treat Diarrhoea at house hold level
  • They refer children with complicated case after serious  screening for further management at HCII and HCIIIs this has reduced the number of children dying of Pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria .

The Department salutes the VHTs for the great  work.

Reproductive Health Uganda Located near Tooro Club next to motel Fort portal Municipality Provide all family planning services both long and short term  at their clinic and in out reaches and during district events.