June 17, 2017


For famers to realize good income from Agriculture, it requires practical commitment, implementation of a series of activities, application of modern methods of farming and animal husbandry and organic manure to improve on the soil fertility.

We have registered a lot of progress by our farmers as far as Banana production is concerned and other food crops grown in the district.

Enterprise mix has been demonstrated by our farmers in various fields and this was mainly boosted by NAADS. I’m happy to report that the people adopted NAADS technological skills, methodologies and practices that were sustained and still bearing the fruits.

With the coming of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) supplementing on NAADS objectives, this will contribute a lot towards realizing shs20m income by each household as president Museveni has advised.

Technologies are purchased and given out to selected farmers by the sub county committees and later their names are submitted to the district for consideration.

Farmers needs assessment has been carried out by Agriculture extension workers and parish chiefs to ascertain the capacity and ability of farmers before receiving poultry bird, pigs, goats, tea, passion fruits seedlings, coffee, oranges and mangoes among other technologies.

However, due to land fragmentation, some farmers have not benefited from OWC because of shortage of land. On food crops, the OWC should increase the budget for the Irish potatoes, passion fruits and heifers because farmers have picked interest and embraced these technologies.

The issue of giving out one cow per parish can’t work and eradicate poverty and as district we passed a resolution encouraging giving cows to organized groups to have impact.

I request the government to introduce ‘Farmers Loan Fund” through organized farmers SACCOs like it has done to organised Youth and women. This will enable farmers organized at parish and sub county level acquire loans with no interest attached to improve on their production but repay after some time. There is need for application of participatory approach and commitment by all members in the family to realize increased incomes.

This approach and mind set change towards agriculture will take us a long way towards realizing improved quantity and quality of our produce.