June 12, 2017

Planning Unit

Planning is a management function involving formulation of one or more detailed plans to achieve optimum balance of needs and demands within the available resources. The planning process involves identifying the goals and objectives to be achieved, formulating strategies to achieve them, arranging or creating the means required, implementing, monitoring and evaluating all steps in their proper sequence.

Planning unit is responsible for advising the district council on strategic strategies for development of the District, taking into consideration equitable distribution of limited resources and insatiable demand of the increasing human population in the region based on  based on accurate and realistic   and statistics.   Accordingly, the unit coordinates preparation of District planning documents such District plans, Annual budgets and Annual/quarterly reports. These documents are core working frameworks for the district but they are also submitted to Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development, other central government bodies and development partners for fund soliciting.  The unit is also responsible for monitoring and evaluation of all government programs in the district.

The unit appreciates efforts of all development partners who have supported the unit during the financial years. However, we would like to single out Tooro Development Network for its contribution during the budget conference and quarterly planning/reporting meetings, National Population Council for its contribution during planning for family planning interventions in the district.

The unit is headed by Senior planner Mr. Daniel Musinguzi