June 8, 2017

Production and Natural Resources

The department is composed of Wetland, valuation, physical planning, land management, Environment and Forestry sections.

1.1 Goal of the department: To improve the quality of life of the people of Kabarole District through promotion of efficient and sustainable use of its natural resources.

 1.2 Mission of the department

To promote sustainable use of Natural Resources for economic, social and cultural activities.



Good Environmental management is a key component of sustainable development; if Environment and natural resources are well managed then they can be used by the present and future generations. Environment is mainly described by the state of atmospheric resources, water resources and wetlands, biodiversity and ecosystem health, land resources, fisheries resources, human settlement and infrastructure and energy resources.  These resources play a pivotal role in the realization of sustainable development.  The environment sector contributes to the productivity of other sectors especially agriculture, industry and fisheries by providing natural assets from a sustainable natural resource base.  It also reduces the public cost of providing particular services.


 Started restoration process of 4.3 hectares of wetlands in the sub counties of Ruteete, Bukuuku, Hakibale and Town councils of Kiko and Karago. This is in addition to what was restored in the previous year and is now regenerating as seen in the pictures below.

  1. Inspected 121 environmentally sensitive ecosystems in the district to ascertain their conservation status.
  2. Started a pilot project of planting commercial Bamboos in the wetland as an alternative use of wetlands and Evicted over 12 encroacher from wetlands.
  3. Assessed and monitored implementation of 16 government and private projects to ensure that they are compliant with environmental policies and regulations.
  4. Reviewed 5 National Environment and Social Impact statements.
  5. Organized and facilitated 16 community conservation meetings to create awareness in management of fragile ecosystems.