District Health Department

The overall leadership and management of the district health sector is coordinated by the District Health Officer who works hand in hand with the entire District Health Team members.The overall current district staffing levels is at 88.8%. This is a very good staffing level given the fact that the current national average is at 77%.


Kabarole district health department vision is in line with Ministry of Health Vision of having A healthy and productive population that contributes to social economic growth and national development.


To provide the highest possible level of health services to all people in the district through delivery of promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services at different levels.


The overall goal of the health department is the attainment of good standard of health services in the district in order to promote a healthy and productive life.

 Strategic objectives of the department

  1. Increase access to the minimum health care package through opening of newly completed health units and establishing outreach sites for essential service.
  2. Control of communicable diseases prioritizing Malaria, HIV and TB (promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitation services).
  3. Increase demand and utilization of health services through community involvement in health care planning and delivery of health services.
  4. To work in collaboration with the private practitioners and private sector in provision of essential health services.
  5. Community empowerment through strengthening Village Health Teams.

Welcome to Kabarole District


Kabarole District is Located in Western Uganda at a road Distance of 300 km from Kampala the capital city. It has an estimated population of 318,216 (Census 2014) and a population growth rate of 2.3 per annum. The District lies at an altitude of 1300-3800 meters above sea level. It borders with Bunyangabu in the south, Kamwenge in South East, Kyenjojo...