The Management support services department in the District with all her support sections is charged with the task of guiding the established structures and local government systems in all operations. It strengthens strategies of ensuring that government policies are implemented and all local policies /ordinances are executed for effective service delivery systems.  The department makes certain that all District Council resolutions are effectively implemented on top of ensuring that services are timely and reliably being accessed.

The department also coordinates disaster management in the district, oversee the registration and running of civil society organization, supports in processing of letters of administration, officiating civil marriages, coordinates the handling of all court/legal matters involving the District Local Government and her structures.

The department is well equipped with highly qualified personnel in the areas of administration, human resource management, ICT, records management, project planning and secretarial services. The different employees have enabled the department to attain the following achievement between FY 2015/16 – 2019/20;

Key Achievements for the department (FY 2015/16 – 2019/20)

  • Improved on timely processing of salaries, pension and gratuity at least by 28th of every month. The salary payroll was at 2701 (including Bunyangabu) and pension was at 288 in FY 2015/16 but currently the salary payroll is at 1571 staff and pension at 529 between FY 2015/16 – 2019/20.
  • In the previous financial years number staff were recruited to the various positions and other promoted to higher positions.
  • Over 10 Staff were supported under capacity building grant to advance on their qualification in various course such as administrative Law, Public Administration, Nursing, CPA among others.
  • Maintained the District Headquarters clean and Secure for 5 years including meeting all the utility bills.
  • Constructed a fence at the District Headquarter of boost security.
  • Constructed modern Sub County headquarter offices at Bukuuku, Karangura and Harugongo.
  • Handle well all the procurement and disposal processes throughout the 5 Years.
  • All records were well managed, records Centre set-up, correspondences received and distributed to their respective destinations.
  •  The Department has coordinated well district public relations avenues through at issuing of notices, participating in radio talk shows and press conferences.
  • Carried out Supervision and monitoring in the 19 Lower local Government throughout the 5years.
  • The Department has coordinated well the District functions and events such as annual celebrations like Independence celebrations, Labour Day, District Leaders conference among others.
  • The Assets inventory well managed and regularly up dated.
  • Lobbied for the establishment of the District Information center and 3 computer were donated to Kabarole District Local Government by TORODEV for the establishment of a district information centre.