Kabarole District Education Department has a very committed team of the following people: Mr. Rujumba Joseph – District Inspector of Schools/Ag. District Education Officer, Mrs. Angwena Harriet Nyakahuma – Senior Education Officer, Mr. Mutembuzi William – Inspector of Schools, Ms. Matama Norah – Education Officer Guidance & Counseling, Ms. Tumuhairwe Teopista –Sports Officer, Ms. Kabahenda Joyce – Secretary/Stenographer, Mr. Musana Joseph– Driver and Ms. Kabatembuzi Beatrice – Office Attendant. 

Mandate of Education Department:

Is to oversee the administration of education services with the aim of achieving the objectives of education.  The objectives include: achieving equitable access to relevant and quality education and training towards rapid transformation of the society and economy of the country; to ensure delivery of relevant and quality education and training for self-development and competitiveness in the global job market, enhance efficiency and effectiveness of education and sports in service delivery at all levels.  Once the objectives are achieved, then the vision and mission will be realized.

Kabarole District has 48 grant aided primary schools, 120 early childhood development centres (ECD), 110 private primary Schools, 5 government aided secondary schools which offer U.S.E. programme, 14 private secondary schools some of which offer U.S.E. programme, 1 technical college, 2 technical schools (Iruhuura, Bishop Balya)