At District level there are four sections manned by Senior Officers coordinated by the District Community Development Officer, they are: Probation, Youth and Children Affairs section, Elderly and Disability Section, Labour and Industrial Relations section, Gender, Culture and Community Development section.

At Sub county level there are supposed to be a Community Development Officer with a degree and an Assistant Officer with a diploma. Presently there are four vacant posts of Community Development Officers and eight for Assistant Officers.

The major problems that the department has to deal with include, a large population of Orphans and Vulnerable Children estimated at 14.2% of the district population, illiteracy rate approximately at 38%, a large number of child abuse and neglect cases, over 10% of the population being disabled and without rehabilitation programmes, high rate of domestic violence and lack of respect for human rights, a high rate of HIV/AIDS estimated at over 11% which is above the national average, high un employment and lack of skills by the youth  (18-24 yrs) estimated at 78,320, an over burdened and neglected elderly population which takes care of the large number of orphans.