The overall goal of the sector is to provide good quality services to the people of the district so as to make them attain good standards of health in order to live a healthy and reproductive life. The sector objective is to reduce morbidity and mortality from the major causes of ill health, premature health and disparities therein”. The Department of Health is headed by the District Health Officer whose mandate is guided by the District 5 Year Strategic Plan that focuses on the achievement of equity through increased access to Minimum Health Care Package (MHCP), Quality care, efficiency accountability and transparency. 

Health Units

In Uganda, the public health system consists of the district health system categorised into Hospitals namely; (District General Hospitals (DGH), Regional Referral Hospitals (RRH) and National Referral Hospitals (NRH)), Health centres (HCs) i.e (II, III and IV) and Village Health Teams (VHTs). On the other hand, the Private health system consists of the Private Not For Profit Organisations (PNFPs), Private Health Practitioners (PHPs) and the Traditional and Complimentary Medicine Practitioners (TCMPs). During the data collection exercise government and non-government aided health units were visited.

Number of Government and Government aided Health Institutions in Kabarole District

The table 4.1 shows a total of 31 health units in Kabarole district of which 21 were owned by government.  The district recorded one Referral Hospital, two Hospitals, two Health Gentre IV, 17 Health Centre III and nine Health Centre II.

Out of a total of 22 health Centers in Buryaha, more than half 12(54.5%) are Health III centres, 9(40.9%) are Health II centres and the smallest proportion 1(4.5%) are Health IV centres. More than half (61.5%) of all sub counties in Buryaha have at least one health centre II and 77% have at least a health centre III. Bukuuku is the only sub county in Buryaha with a Health centre IV.

Fort Portal M.C has five Health Centre III of which two are located in Southern Division and three in Western Division. The only Health Centre IV and referral Hospital in Fort Portal M.C can be found in Eastern Division, whereas the only two hospitals in Fort Portal M.C are in Southern Division.