Major crops grown

Information on different major crops grown in the first season of 2018 at parish level was collected. During analysis crops were grouped into Food crops, Cash crops, Vegetables, Fruits and Bananas. Food crops were further grouped into Root crops (Cassava, Sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes); Pulses (Beans, Cow peas); Cereals (Maize); and Oil crops (Groundnuts),  while cash crops included Coffee and Tea. Vegetables included cabbage, eggplants, garlic, greens, onions and tomatoes.

Banana is the major crop grown by parishes in the district at 27 percent while less than one percent (0.4 percent) of the parishes in the district were involved in the growing of Groundnuts and Gallic. At sub county level, all sub counties were involved in banana growing except Kabende S/C. Beans were majorly grown by parishes in Bukuuku S/C, Kichwamba S/C, Karago T/C, Kasenda S/C and Western division. Results further show that maize was mostly grown by parishes in Bukuuku S/C, Ruteete S/C, Kabende S/C and Kasenda S/C.

Crop pests and diseases

Most parishes in Kabarole district were affected by Banana Bacterial wilt at 38 percent followed by Army worm at nine percent and Blight at eight percent.

Within Fort portal municipality, 50 percent of the parishes in Eastern and Southern Division were affected by Banana Bacterial wilt, maize weevil and sigatoka.

Within Burahya county, All parishes in Bukuuku S/C, Karago T/C and Kiko T/C were affected by Banana Bacterial Wilt.  Blight majorly affected parishes in Ruteete S/C at 33 percent.